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In Tampa's bustling events scene, the quest for genuine and memorable moments often falls short amidst the sea of generic snapshots. Traditional event photography can leave you with posed smiles and overlooked candid opportunities, making it challenging to capture the true essence of your special occasion.

Imagine hosting a milestone event in Tampa, perhaps a joyous wedding celebration overlooking the bay, a corporate gathering at a downtown venue, or a lively birthday party at a local hotspot. As the festivities unfold, you notice your guests hesitating to smile genuinely in front of the traditional photographer's camera. Their expressions seem forced, and the candid laughter, the spontaneous dance moves, and the heartfelt hugs go undocumented.


Later, when you receive the event photos, you realize the depth of the problem. The pictures lack the authenticity and emotion you experienced that day. The essence of your event is lost, buried beneath a sea of posed smiles and stiff poses. You're left feeling disappointed, wishing there was a better way to capture those priceless moments and the vibrant spirit of your Tampa gatherings.

Enter 3sixty Entertainment, LLC, your go-to Tampa photo booth service for authentic and unforgettable memories. Our cutting-edge photo booths in Tampa offer a perfect blend of modern technology and creative expertise. We specialize in capturing the genuine laughter, unfiltered expressions, and pure happiness that define your events. Our photo booths, whether the 360 photo booth or the digital selfie booth, transform these moments into cherished keepsakes, ensuring you'll relive the spirit of your special occasion for years to come. Additionally, we offer audio guest books for heartfelt messages, custom songs for a unique soundtrack, and chocolate fountains for a touch of elegance and fun. Bid farewell to conventional event photography and welcome the future of memory making with 3sixty Entertainment, LLC.

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Locally owned
& operated

Booking with our locally owned and operated company means you're supporting a business deeply rooted in the Tampa community. We understand the unique charm and preferences of our area, ensuring that our photo booth services are tailored specifically to the tastes and trends that resonate with Tampa residents. As fellow members of this vibrant community, we're committed to providing not just a service but an experience that reflects the spirit and culture of Tampa, making your event even more meaningful and memorable.


Family owned
& operated

Choosing a family-owned and operated company like ours offers you a distinct advantage - a personalized touch that comes from the heart. Our family's passion for what we do infuses every aspect of our photo booth service. When you book with us, you're not just a client; you become an extension of our family, and we treat your event with the same care and attention we'd give our own. This genuine commitment translates into exceptional service, attention to detail, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere that sets us apart. With us, you're not just booking a service; you're joining our family to create beautiful memories together.

Happiness guaranteed


At 3sixty Entertainment, LLC, your happiness is our top priority, and we guarantee it. Our commitment to delivering joy and satisfaction is woven into every aspect of our photo booth experience. From the moment you book with us to the final picture or video at your event, we're dedicated to ensuring your happiness. Our friendly and professional team is here to make your experience seamless and enjoyable, leaving you with unforgettable memories and a smile on your guest's face. With us, you're not just booking a photo booth; you're investing in happiness that lasts a lifetime.

  • What type of chocolate is used in your fountains?
    We use premium-grade chocolate specifically designed for fountains, ensuring a smooth and delicious flow. Our chocolate is of the highest quality, providing a rich taste and perfect consistency for dipping.
  • Can the chocolate fountain be used for an outdoor garden event?
    No, we do not recommend using the chocolate fountain outdoors. Outdoor environments can introduce variables such as wind, temperature fluctuations, and insects, which can affect the performance and hygiene of the fountain. For the best experience, we suggest setting up the fountain in a controlled indoor environment.
  • Why do some individuals perceive chocolate fountains as messy and unappealing, choosing to avoid them at their special events?
    While some individuals may have concerns about chocolate fountains being messy, our professional setup and maintenance ensure a clean and enjoyable experience for everyone.
  • Is it possible to rent the chocolate fountain without including an operator?
    No, to ensure the best experience and maintain the highest standards of cleanliness and operation, our chocolate fountain rentals include a professional operator. This allows you to focus on enjoying your event while we handle the setup, maintenance, and cleanup of the fountain.
  • What is the duration for which I can have the chocolate fountain at my event?
    Most clients prefer to use the Chocolate Fountain during the appetizer portion of their event. Our flow times are set according to the fountain size and vary by model. Typically, our included flow hours are sufficient for your guests to enjoy this unique experience. If you wish to have the fountain available for both appetizers and dessert, additional time can be purchased to accommodate your needs.
  • Is it possible to color the chocolate in the fountain to match my event's color scheme?
    Yes, the chocolate in the fountain can be colored to match your event's color scheme. All our colorings are food-grade and oil-based, ensuring both safety and a vibrant appearance.
  • Do you need access to electricity?
    Yes and no. Some of our equipment is fully wireless so we can run the event. But we do need access to electricity for some of the equipment we use to make your event more special.
  • What areas do you serve?
    We proudly serve Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties, bringing our top-notch entertainment services to these vibrant communities. Additionally, we extend our services to several surrounding counties, both north and south of Hillsborough County, ensuring that more people can enjoy our offerings. Please note that some events may incur a small travel fee based on the distance from our nearest location, calculated at $0.40 per mile each direction.
  • What type of events do you do provide services for?
    We do all events. Some of the events we do are weddings, birthday parties, engagement parties, baby showers, church events, corporate events, grand openings, and all school events.
  • When do you set up for my event?
    We arrive at minimum, 1 hour before your scheduled event time. For example, if your event is scheduled for 6pm, we arrive at 5pm to set up.
  • Can I request additional time if I want it before my event ends?
    Yes you can. However, there is a fee of $150 per hour that must be paid before the start of any additional time.
  • Do I pay anything additional for setup and breakdown of the equipment?
    No. The price includes setup and breakdown of the equipment.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    Yes. All events require a deposit. The amount of the deposit depends on the selected package. All deposits are non refundable if you fail to cancel your event within 5 days of booking the event. The deposit secures your date and time on the calendar and will be applied to your final balance.
  • When is the balance due for my event?
    Balances are due 7 days prior to the scheduled event date.
  • How many people can fit on the 360 photo booth?
    Our booth is approximately 100cm and accomodate between 4-5 people depending on their size
  • Is there a minimum number of hours I can rent your 360 photo booth?
    Yes. The minimum number to rent the 360 photo booth is 2 hours.
  • How much space is needed to set up the 360 photo booth?
    To ensure safe operation of the 360 photo booth and for your guests, an area of 10'x10' is recommended. ​

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