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The Power and Perks of Digital Photos from 3sixty Entertainment's Selfie Photo Booth

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

Guests enjoying 3sixty Entertainment, LLC's digital selfie photo booth. Photo booth rental Tampa Florida.
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In today's fast-paced digital age, capturing moments and memories has never been easier, thanks to the evolution of photography. Gone are the days of waiting for prints to develop and wondering if the shots turned out as expected. At 3sixty Entertainment, LLC, we understand the value of innovation and convenience, which is why we proudly embrace digital photos over traditional prints in our cutting-edge digital selfie photo booth. Join us as we explore the myriad benefits of digital photos and why they are the preferred choice for preserving memories in the 21st century.

1. Instant Gratification:

In a world where instant gratification is the norm, waiting for physical prints to develop can feel like an eternity. Our digital selfie photo booth provides a seamless experience, allowing guests to view and share their photos instantly. With just a few taps, guests can send their digital photos to their smartphones, share them on social media, and create lasting memories in real time.

2. Endless Reproductions:

One of the standout advantages of digital photos is the ease of reproduction. Traditional prints might get lost or damaged over time, but with digital photos, the original image remains untouched. This means you can print as many copies as you like, ensuring that every member of your group gets a cherished memory to take home.

3. Customization at Your Fingertips:

Digital photos open up a world of creative possibilities. With our digital selfie photo booth, you can choose from a range of filters, effects, and overlays to customize your images. Add captions, emojis, and frames to give your photos a personalized touch that reflects the unique vibe of your event.

4. Environmentally Friendly:

Choosing digital photos over prints isn't just about convenience; it's also about making an eco-conscious choice. Traditional photo printing consumes paper, ink, and energy. By opting for digital photos, you're contributing to a greener planet by reducing paper waste and carbon footprint.

5. Seamless Sharing:

In today's interconnected world, sharing memories with loved ones is a breeze. Our digital selfie photo booth allows guests to share their images instantly on social media platforms, via email, or messaging apps. This not only ensures that everyone gets their copy of the photo but also extends the joy of the event to those who couldn't attend.

6. Cloud Storage for Safekeeping:

Printed photos can easily fade, get torn, or suffer from water damage. With digital photos, there's no need to worry about physical deterioration. At 3Sixty Entertainment, we offer the option to store your event's digital photos securely in the cloud. This means that even if your phone gets lost or your laptop crashes, your precious memories remain safe and accessible.

7. Cost-Effective and Efficient:

In the world of event planning, budgeting is key. Opting for digital photos eliminates the cost of printing, materials, and labor associated with traditional photo booths. This cost-effectiveness means you can allocate your budget to other aspects of your event without compromising on the quality of the photo experience.


At 3sixty Entertainment, LLC, we believe that the magic of capturing memories lies in embracing technology and innovation. Our digital selfie photo booth encapsulates the spirit of modern photography, offering instant gratification, customization, sharing capabilities, and eco-friendliness—all in one package. Say goodbye to waiting for prints to develop and say hello to the world of digital photos, where every memory is just a click away. Choose 3Sixty Entertainment for your next event, and let us help you create and share moments that will last a lifetime.

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